December 5, 2014


Now that it has been six months since the procedure, I think I am finally able to look back and evaluate the surgery and recovery more rationally.  In reality, it was torturous.  I am afraid to even go back and re-read what I put down here. I think my brain was in the defense mode. I honestly do not know where I found the strength to power through that challenge alone.

September 9, 2014

People StyleWatch: Fall 2014 Trends


Yay or Nay
Point of View
Too much of a schoolgirl vibe.  Plus I try to be very careful with patterns.
Chunky Knits
Not a fan of the shapeless look.  Plus in all practicality, LA has no use for those.
Bold Colors
A must regardless of the season.  I have been rotating yellow, orange and pink even in my workout wear. 
Cutout Heels
Just bought a pair. Or two? 
Dark Florals
Yay or Nay
Depends on the item and the pattern. But definitely a miss in shoes and pants.
Robe Coats
Again, not a fan of shapeless, untailored look - not fabulous enough for the fabulous LA City.
Lug Sole Booties
I have owned a pair for years.
Shift Dresses
When did they go out of style? 
Statement Earrings
Can't have anything detracting from the beauty of my face.

September 1, 2014

Basic Salad Formula

Today I made another bucket of salad.  I will never understand why all the restaurants in America call that plate of grass they serve "a salad".  I must be foreign, but the definition of salad for me holds a lot more than a handful of non-nutritious iceberg lettuce and an occasional slice of cucumber and/or a grape tomato. 

August 19, 2014

Cucumber Jello Salad

Cucumber is my favorite vegetable.  It is perfect in the hot days of California summer - cool, hydrating, and low in calories (only 45 in the whole thing!).  And of course, I love the taste. I put it even into my smoothies that I have became a huge fan of thanks to my dental graft surgery. 

August 2, 2014


Now that the worst is behind me, I wanted to weigh in on the recommendations of La Jolla Mom as the rest of her readers.  Hopefully, my experience will offer some answers to the questions raised by her readers and followers. 

July 22, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 6 (July 15 - July 21, 2014)

Wednesday - July 16, 2014:
While working on this blog came to realization that I am on week 6 of Dental Graft recovery.  Things should be pretty much healed up.  And they are.  But they are not back to normal.  There is a new normal - tightness across the bottom front gum line, constant biting of lips and inside of cheeks, strange bumpiness of the palate, jolting paranoia about not being careful enough...

July 15, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 5 (July 8 - July 14, 2014)

Tuesday - July 8, 2014:
You know what things are getting better when other things that happen to you take priority and make you forget about the extreme or unusual or extremely unusual situation in your mouth.  I am finally more concerned with wholes in the walls, swollen knees, hair straightness, and maybe even the lack of male hotness in this ginormous city.  It's a good feeling. 

July 12, 2014

Papaya Mango Smoothie

1 small mango
2 cups of papaya chunks
1/4 cup coconut syrup
3/4 water
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz tropical fruit yogurt

Blend for about 1 minute.  Makes about 32 oz.

     Basic Smoothie Formula

Cucumber Avocado Green Smoothie

3/4 cup lemon water
1 small avocado, peeled and pitted
1/2 cucumber, sliced
Handful of spinach
1/2 cup cottage cheese with chives
8 ice cubes

Blend well for about 1 minute.  Makes about 32 oz.  

In my mind a "green" smoothie is the kind that has all vegetables and no sweetness of fruits.  Since in my mind smoothies are inherently sweet, I was a little apprehensive to go completely fruitless.  But this has one turned out a lot better than I expected.  Turns out, I am a huge fan of avocado fruit, which is 75% fat.

      Basic Smoothie Formula

July 8, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 4 (July 1 - 7, 2014)

Tuesday - July 1, 2014: 
The bottom front gums are sore all afternoon and all evening.  Probably too much talking.  Eating pretty much all normal food, just nothing hard or crunchy or anything that sticks to the teeth.  Soup, green beans, grapes, etc.  Trying to feel around the front with my tongue - feels like something is stuck to the front of the teeth.  But I don't see anything.  Probably just plaque.  Using the Ultra Suave - not much removal going on with that thingy. 

July 7, 2014

ALLURE: Laughing Power

A simple way to enhance your social life: Share a laugh.
It's known that laughing along with someone makes both people feel more positive about each other, increasing feelings of closeness, attraction, and cooperation.  Now a study has found there is even more of a payoff after the moment is over.  Todd B. Kashdan, an associate professor of psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and his colleagues collected information from 162 volunteers about their interactions with others over two weeks.  Those who experienced laughter with another person tended to feel "greater intimacy, positive emotions, and enjoyment" in encounters they had later that day with not only that person but also anyone else, the researchers found.  Interestingly, having good feelings for others in the first place did not necessarily make people make more likely to laugh with them.  Laughter may cause people to experience a rise in levels of the hormone oxytocin, which promotes social bonding, the researchers point out.  "Our findings show that laughter benefits more than the person laughing," they conclude.  
Source:  Allure magazine, July 2014, page 84.

July 6, 2014

Peachy Watermelon Smoothie

2 cups watermelon balls
1 peach
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz peach yogurt
Handful of spinach
1/4 cup sugar free watermelon syrup
3/4 cup water
8 ice cubes

Blend for about 1 minute.  Makes about 40 oz.

      Basic Smoothie Formula

July 5, 2014

Pineapple of Garden Variety

2 slices of canned pineapple
3 whole canned beets
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz lime yogurt
1 cup pineapple flavored drink
Handful of spinach
1/2 cucumber
8 ice cubes

Blend for about 1 minutes.  Makes about 40 oz.  

One thing smoothies are good for is to use all the left over produce.   This is a very interesting flavor combination, but it is actually not bad at all.  A great way to get your vegetables in.  I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to make a purely vegetable one, because I do associate smoothies with sweetness.  But the beets in this one hit the spot just right. And the color is simply beautiful.  


July 4, 2014

ALLURE: Hot Shoppers

Impulse buying with little thought for consequences may be a particular problem for women who consider themselves of above-average attractiveness.  This preliminary finding came out of a study of impulsivity by Margery Lucas and Elissa Koff, professors in the department of psychology at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Women who rated themselves most attractive and stylish compared with other women their age tended to score low on reflection about their purchases.  The study's authors can only speculate as to why, but they cite research showing that people are more likely to make indulgent choices when they feel proud, seemingly out of a sense that achievement of one goal (such as enhancing appearance) permits one to disengage from another (such as saving money).  
Source:  Allure magazine, July 2014, pg 84.

July 1, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 3 (June 24 - 30, 2014)

Tuesday - June 24, 2014: 
First day without the cast.  First day back at work.  Turned out to be super intense and busy.  By the end of the day the tissue felt raw.  Too much talking and running around trying to catch up.  With every sip of my beloved Diet Mountain Dew the tissue felt like it was about to came off.  Not painful, more uncomfortable.  Especially when laughing.  Also, by the end of the day felt completely drained.   No energy.  I guess I am not at 100% yet.  Something keeps bleeding every time I try to brush. 

June 30, 2014


As you may already know, I enjoy the benefits of retail therapy.  Shopping is what I do best.  I shop often.  I shop many venues.  I shop for many different things.  So I bought me some new gums...

Tropical Garden Smoothie

1 cup coconut water
6 oz tropical fruit yogurt
1/2 cup cottage cheese
3 slices canned pineapple
1/2 banana, frozen
1 mango, pitted
A handful of spinach leaves

Blend for about a minute.  Makes about 32 oz.

I don't usually like mango too much, but this was very tangy and refreshing.  I was glad I did not additional sweetener. 


June 28, 2014

Apple Carrot Smoothie

1 cup water
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz vanilla yogurt
1 packet of appletini drink mix
1 apple, chopped
10 carrots, boiled
Handful of spinach leaves
8 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into blender in the order listed.  Pulse a couple of times. 
Blend well for about 1 minute or to desired consistency. Enjoy! 


June 26, 2014

Cucumber Melon Smoothie

1 cup lemon flavored water
6 oz vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup cottage cheese
2 cups cantaloupe balls
1/2 cucumber
A handful of spinach

Place all ingredients into the blender in the order listed.  Blend well. Enjoy.

Make more than 32 oz.  

June 25, 2014

Peachy Plum Smoothie

1 cup raspberry seltzer water
6 oz peach yogurt
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 canned plums (make sure to pick out the pits)
1 peach, chunked up
A handful of spinach

Place all ingredients into the blender in the order listed.  Blend well for about 1 minute or to desired consistency.   Enjoy!   


June 23, 2014


No dreams about food.  Slept without the stent.  Everything is fine in the morning.  Ran with the stent in though.  Tried to be careful with the caulk, when wiping the sweat off the chin to not move the graft.  The check up is today.  Most of the stitches are gone from the roof.  Some sensitivity and discomfort with pressure.  Otherwise, the palate feels like it is almost back to normal, except one spot on the very front.  I think that's where I popped the stitches trying to brush a couple of days in.  Hopefully, it just takes a little longer to heal and it will be back like it was before.  The back of the front teeth feels weird.  I think it is some kind of substance that the doctor applied.  Should come off once I am able to start brushing there again.  No pain.  No bleeding.  Have to go back to work tomorrow.  Not really sure how I am going to work around the eating part.  Will probably just have to come back home to puree something.  It's best to have a plan - without a plan I end up either eating everything in site, or not eating at all. 

Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie

1 cup water
6 oz strawberry banana yogurt
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/4 cup orange juice concentrate
1 frozen banana
5 strawberries
5 spinach leaves
8 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into the blender in the order listed.  Blend for about 1 minute.  Enjoy. 

June 22, 2014


Dreamed about bacon last night, which is weird cuz I prefer sausage.  The day went fairly calm.  Nothing new.  No new stitches came out.  The caulk still in place.  No pain.  The palate still very tender, but took out the stent in the evening for over an hour.  Probably not a good idea as my tongue keeps playing with the threads.  Accidentally attempted eating without the stent, but everything seems to be ok.  Except lemon pudding should be left for pies and pies only.  I swear every time I try to brush up in there, it starts bleeding.  The stitches are so extremely close to the gum line - it's unbelievable.  I think one of them is right between my teeth.  Did the doctor really plan to cut that way?  Hmmm….    

Caramel Apple Smoothie

3/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar-free caramel syrup
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz caramel spice cake yogurt
1 packet appletini sugar-free drink mix
1 apple, chopped 
8 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into the blender in the order listed.  Blend well.  Enjoy.
Makes about 32 oz. 

     Basic Smoothie Formula

June 21, 2014


Messed something up in there again while trying to brush.  Minor bleeding.  I should just forget about brushing that side all together.  Otherwise no news.  Long threads are still hanging off the roof of my mouth.  Caulk still solid against the front teeth.  Uneventful rest of the day.  The sucking motion still feels uncomfortable, but not painful and does not cause bleeding.  Highlight of the day - White ChocolateCoconut Fluff.  Delicioso!  Even with water instead of milk I really didn't miss real food today.  :D  Got a care package from my sister The Bestest - definitely cheered me up. Tried to be extra careful brushing and flossing.   The palate feels better.  Still very soft, but not as tender and not painful.  Definitely something is missing under the top layer.  Quite a few stitches appear to be gone.  

White Chocolate Coconut Fluff

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar-free coconut syrup
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
Blend until smooth.  Add
  • 1 package (4 servings) white chocolate pudding mix.
Blend until blender stops turning.  Scrape the mixture out into a mixing bowl.   Mix in
  • 2  cups whipped topping.
Spoon into serving dishes.  Enjoy.  Or refrigerate until ready to serve. 

June 20, 2014


Not much change.  No pain.  No bleeding.  Stitches at the donor site are starting to dissolve - a couple came out when I brushed this morning. Long threads hanging down.  Palate feels less tender.  So smooth, like I have new baby skin.  Hopefully, everything is only uphill from here.  Soaked up some cereal.   I like them soggy anyways.  Super yummy AppleCaramel smoothie.  I am really perfecting all these recipes - the book will be in stores any day now. ;)  Tried to make myself chew cottage cheese.   Annoying how it gets stuck everywhere, even in the caulk.  Caulk still in its usual place. Keep trying to pull on the bottom lip to look at the recipient site - not a good idea.  The gums under there look dark, like they are super bruised.  If the doctor does not let me stop wearing the stent on Monday, this recovery maybe harder than I anticipated.  But overall, it was a good day today.  

Strawberry Colada Smoothie

1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz strawberry colada yogurt
3 slices canned pineapple
5 strawberries
10 ice cubes
1/4 cup coconut sugar free syrup (optional)

Place all ingredients into the blender in order listed.  Blend well.  Enjoy.  Make about 32 oz. 
This will be tangy without the sweetener.  I usually add a splash after the first cup.  

June 19, 2014


Didn't have to elevate the head last night.  Tried running this morning.  The caulk was moving uncomfortably.  Made me afraid that it may move the graft.  Also the site felt a little sore this afternoon.  Maybe too soon.  Otherwise, things seem to be the same - no pain, no bleeding, caulk still in place.  Tried brushing the outside of teeth in the morning.  Tried looking at the palate, but can't really make out anything up in there.  Plus, I don't own a mirror that would fit in my mouth.  Feels very tender.  Stitches are still in there.  Kind of hurts to move my tongue too much.   Peppermint Mocha Frap is delish.  For lunch - pureed cauliflower with tofu, kefir cheese and garlic flavor cube.  Definitely getting my veggies, but need to get more creative about the protein.  Hmmm…  Brushed the outside of top row and flossed in the evening.  Maybe will try to brush on the inside tomorrow, even if only on the other side.  

Peppermint Mocha Frap

1/2 cup brewed coffee
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar free peppermint syrup
1 Tbsp hot chocolate powder (half of a packet of hot chocolate mix)
1/2 cup cottage cheese
8 ice cubes

Blend well. Enjoy!

Variation:  Use Coconut syrup to make a Coconut Mocha Frap.  

June 18, 2014


No bleeding during the night.  More intense workout today.  Everything seems to be ok.  No pain.  Can't wait for the caulk to fall off.  Maybe if I talked more, it would fall off faster.   I can talk - huge lisp.  Joke of the day - all these contraptions may just cure my accent.  Tried to chew oatmeal again - seem to be doing  better, but not particularly liking all the flakes stuck in my teeth and in the stent.  :( Trying to think of something creative to puree for lunch.  Hey, at least I am getting my vegetables!  Constantly hungry - consciously trying to make myself wait at least an hour between eating anything.  Still trying to be very careful with everything.  No painkillers.  Saw a little blood after flossing - the stent promptly went back in for the rest of the night.  Things seems to be fairly calm today though.  Makes me a little more optimistic. Full recovery take 6 weeks.  That is a very long time, if it is consuming this much of my being.

June 17, 2014


No bleeding at time of waking.  Very light work out - no blood.  Hopefully, things are getting better there on the top.   The bottom lip almost does not hurt anymore.  Only when touching or making sudden moves.  Caulk is staying put solid.  Working from home today - didn't feel comfortable bringing my faithful blender to work.  Should be ok to talk.  But going back to being extra careful.  Would hate for blood to start gashing out in the middle of a meeting or something. :D  Bonus: wore ankle weights all day - maybe burned additional half a calorie.    Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie was delish.  But still eating weird foods.  Pureed boiled carrots with tofu and kefir cheese for lunch.  So afraid that the palate will start bleeding again.  So afraid that something is not healing up right up there.  Will be messed up for forever, like my lip.  Hopefully everything is ok and all I need is time to heal up.  My sis is the best.  Can't talk to anyone else.  No bleeding at night.  Didn't eat any crazy or thick foods.  Got so paranoid - keeping pocket mirror by my side at all times to make sure there is no blood.  So didn't brush, but flossed.  No painkillers all day.  Very mild throbbing in the face, but still keeping head elevated. 

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

1 cup water
1/2 c cottage cheese
6 oz strawberry yogurt
1 or 2 squirts of strawberry watermelon drink mix
2 cups frozen watermelon balls
5 large strawberries
8 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into the blender in the order listed.  Pulse a couple of times to break up the watermelon.  Blend well for about a minute.  Enjoy.  
Makes about 32 oz.  

June 16, 2014


Woke up with no pain at all.  Remembered that I have a toothbrush with a tiny head, decided to try brushing again.  Completely messed something up - the blood just started gushing out.  Put the stent back in.  Blood pooled in it, making me look like I had just bitten into someone's neck.  No pain though.  Laying off tooth brushing for awhile.  All my grooming habits are down the crapper.  Made a super awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Frap as a consolation.  The teeth are aching.  Feels like they are moving.  Still can't figure out how to chew with these contraptions in - pureed soup.  The sucking motion made the wound on the palate open up again.  I must have majorly messed something up up there.  Blood all over the bathroom.  I am kind of scared to press the gauze against it though - what if the stitches get caught in it and get ripped out?  I suspect I am already missing enough.  Everything I do causes it to bleed.  Is it because I lifted weights today?  Too much effort?  Should I wait a little longer to start exercising again?  The handout said three days.  Why do I never follow doctor's orders?  Didn’t take any painkillers today at all.  Figured that if I am in too much pain tomorrow morning, I can take one of the horse pills again.  Finished up all the antibiotics. The back of the front bottom teeth feels really weird.  Rough.  Because of the deep cleaning?  I think I am missing a lot of gum tissue there too.  I thought the doctor would replace it there too.  After I laid my head down to go to sleep tonight, the blood started gushing out all over the place again. Put pressure on it.  Blood just dripping off my finger.  So much - I started contemplating who to call first: the doctor or 911.  Cleared up after about half an hour.  Had to sleep practically sitting up again.  Will this ever get better? 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Frap

1 cup brewed coffee
1/2 cup cottage cheese
6 oz yogurt (banana cream pie flavor)
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp peanut butter
1/4 cup sugar-free chocolate syrup
8 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in the blender in this order.
Blend it all up and enjoy.  
Makes about 32 oz of pure awesomeness.

June 15, 2014


Slept on my regular pillow - felt fine without elevation.  Since no throbbing in the face, decided to wash my hair.  Too much pressure when  bending over.  Yes, I haven't washed it since Monday.  Thank God the headbands are back!  And I haven't worn any makeup all this time either - too painful to touch the face to clean the paint off.  Breaking out like crazy.  The palate is still bleeding this morning. Feels like one of the stitches must have popped out.  I think I probably did it with the toothbrush.  It is so close to the front teeth.  But the stent seems to hold it up and together pretty well.  No blood is pooling in it.  I would probably pass out if I actually had to use the gauze they gave me to stop the bleeding.  I have no caregiver tendencies whatsoever.  Interestingly not much pain, just soreness.  That doesn't even count.  More liquid foods for me today. The bottom looks the same.  No blood.  Can see the stitches peeking out from under the caulk.  Doesn't look like it is planning on coming off any time soon.  Oh well…  Still painful to touch the front of the lip.  The one tender spot on the top is still bleeding in the evening.  Kind of a lot.  But if I keep the stent in, it seems to calm it down a bit.  Not really painful though. 

June 14, 2014


Still had to elevate my head somewhat.  Woke up really sore.  Some blood under the stent, probably because of brushing last night. Gonna have to wait for the stitches to dissolve to brush that side.  The face seems to be less swollen today.  I think the pain is only at the actual areas of shots and incisions.  Still cannot chew with the stent in.  Tried to eat some silken tofu, but only kept smooshing it against the stent and swallowed in chunks.   Still pureeing everything.  Canned pears with tofu anyone? Stocked up on more pudding.  Good news - I can use the straw with the stent in.  Feels ok.  Weirdly just noticed some yellow bruising on the right side of my face in the coffee shop mirror.  Very slight, no one probably notices it.  The barista could not understand anything that came out of my mouth.  The Mint Chocolate TomNccino was ridiculously thick.  Should have eaten it with the spoon.   Hopefully, the palate healed up enough to not pull out any stitches.  My lips and tongue are super deformed inside.  Tried to go without the stent for a long as possible today.  The palate is still swollen and feels all cut up.  I can feel the incision and stitches from the very front of the mouth to the very back.  Super close to the teeth.  Started bleeding pretty bad at night. Not exactly sure what caused it.  Probably eating without the stent (it was only jello!).   Maybe going without it was a bad idea.  Will keep the thing in for another night.  So much for being adventurous!   Feels like the caulk is starting to disintegrate on the left side.  Let's hope the situation is better under there.  It still hurts to move the lower lip, like pursing lips together.  Another addiction I am mourning - chewing gum.  :(  Before this ordeal I could friggin' chew up a pack in one sitting, especially if trying to concentrate really hard.  Yes, a pack of 15!  Maybe this endeavor will cure the nasty habit.  

June 13, 2014


A little more sore in the morning.  Don't see any blood.  Gaining weight like crazy. But if I don't bother the face - just sit there with my tongue resting on the stent - it does not hurt much anymore.  I think I am gonna be ok.  All this is just an excuse to not talk to anyone and to eat ridiculous food.  I think the chin hurts so much because the doctor also cut off the membrane and sewed it to the inside of the lip.  And that part is not covered by the caulk, so I am really feeling its every move.  Tried eating cottage cheese and chewing it in the back - big mistake!  Of course it got everywhere and I was trying to get it out with my tongue.  Caught myself prying the caulk out - OMG!  Definitely feeling the hot in the back behind the stent - the wound is going back that far.  Tried to brush gently the top row for the first time - made something bleed.  But I think I am healing up pretty well.  I just need this caulk to stay in place for another day, and then I can be a little more "adventurous".  But already can eat jello without the stent. Yay!  Must be the caulk that's making everything taste like plastic.  Cut down on painkillers today again - only took 400 mg for the second dose and 200 mg for the third.

June 12, 2014

Science of Sexy

I came across this TIME article during one of my internet "research" endeavors.  You have got to read this. Although I am utterly convinced that sexiness is the essence of a woman (not what you say or do, I found this "science" very convincing. I guess I will continue to believe.

And another piece of science that is absolutely brilliant.  Confirms all of my prior beliefs.


Couldn't sleep most of the night.  The whole face is throbbing.  Trying to sleep sitting up to keep the head elevated.  I think there still was some blood this morning.  I think I am talking ok - people are understanding me.  Just have to hold my lip up with my finger to make sure the caulk is not disturbed.  Sudden moves still hurt, of course.  Applesauce is good.  But still pureeing cottage cheese.  Good excuse to make Da Cheese Fluff.  This time with butterscotch pudding and caramel syrup.  Oh so yummy! Too bad one of the side effects of mixing antibiotics and alcohol is death.  Well, in my current condition I just wish it had fiber.  Running out of jello.  Cut down on painkillers in the third dosage.  OMG! My gums are so white from being covered up for so long.  I really should start letting them breath more, but I am afraid to touch the stitches on the roof.  Not seeing blood.  I think the retainer really helps. I like it.  It fits so well - practically snaps onto my teeth. 

June 11, 2014


Slept like a log. The face is barely sore, if I don't bother it or try to use it.  Noticed some blood from under the caulk first thing in the morning, so I think I will take it easy today as well.  Oh shit - I am not supposed to spit.  Yawning is painful.  Sneezing is painful.  Moving any face muscles is painful.  Have to wait for the meds to kick in to eat anything, as opening the mouth too wide hurts.  Kinda makes me glad I got no one to make out with.  Drugs last more than six hours.  I should cut down.  Well, I definitely look like a horse with this face.  Can't eat popsicles - can't open wide enough + the sucking motion makes the bottom lip hurt.  I see why doctor said not to use a straw.  The stent protects very well - cannot even feel hot or cold.  Can't really taste anything either - I guess most of my taste buds are on the palate.  Consuming enormous amounts of jello.  Cream of mushroom should definitely be left for cooking.  Cannot chew yet - does not feel right with all the contraptions in my mouth.  The reflexes are just not working the same.  Tried to eat some cottage cheese - kept swallowing the whole chunks - had to puree.  Oh well…  more liquid foods for me tomorrow.  I have a feeling I won't be able to chew anything until the caulk is gone.  Right now I am just afraid to even move my bottom lip too much - I don't want to disturb da thing. Didn't see anymore blood today.

June 10, 2014


Drugs have the dosage for a horse.  Really working.  Not much pain.  But can't touch the face.  Some weird twitching and jerking in the face/jaw - hurts.  Can't really open my mouth.  Plus, I am afraid I will disturb the bottom stitches.  I need the caulk to stay in place for at least 5 days - doctor's orders. Lots of drooling.  Doesn't look like the face is bruised, but it does look square.  I have more chin than RW.  Do not notice much bleeding tho.  Jello is still too solid - have to make it more diluted than the package recommendation.  Thinner consistency pudding and cream of chicken soup are perfect.  Drinking liquids is uncomfortable - it is getting under the stent and I almost start choking, and the bottom lip is pulling too much. Having to slurp food from the spoon.  

June 9, 2014


The procedure went fine.  Not half as bad as I expected.  A little over an hour.  The doctor was great; the nurse kept poking me with the suction instruments and other contraptions on the outside.  I almost drowned in my own blood a couple of times.  Walked to Ralphs.  The pharmacist looked at me like I was Frankenstein.  Probably because I had blood pooled in the stent.  My mouth wouldn't close.  I couldn't understand myself what I was telling him. Didn't move much for the rest of the night.  Watched a couple of movies.  Applying enormous amounts of the goopiest lip moisturizer.  Could not eat even jello.  I must have been really in pain, because I felt nauseous.  Couldn't sleep all night, tried to lay on the back and keep head elevated.  People kept texting.

May 5, 2014

February 14, 2014


- Unknown

Yeah...  sometimes even I have days, when I have to be more titanium than my nose stud...
But that's ok, since most of the time I only have to be sharper than it is.  ;)

January 27, 2014

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Why, oh why have I been putting in hours on the treadmill?


January 26, 2014

Color of 2014: Radiant Orchid

In case, you thought I forgot to look into this.
Also, in case you were wondering, I do pronounce "Pantone" like the word is French.  Because really - all fashion is from France.


January 23, 2014

LA Art Show 2014 (The Art Goes On)

There were quite a few fascinating works at the show.  One post definitely won't do it justice.  Just as photos do not do justice to meeting the art in person.

January 22, 2014

LA Art Show 2014

I love art – anything and everything.  I take every opportunity to broaden my horizons – museums, galleries, theater, ballet, opera, whatever.  Last weekend I went to the LA Art Show 2014.  It is been organized for 19 years and features historic, modern, and contemporary artists. It was huge and very exciting.  In one venue you were able to admire and/or purchase classical works of artists that lived in the 18th century as well as artists that appear to reach into the future.  Even Volvo took this chance to showcase their vehicles. 

January 4, 2014

For the Love of Baking

As you may know, I love to bake.  Usually I do make a lot of goodies around holidays.  And I love to try new recipes.  Thus, I would like to thank my co-workers for being such great guinea pigs, as this year I also made quite a few sweet things.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Let's make is happier than the last.

Love from LA with all its beautifully amazing strangeness...