June 16, 2014


Woke up with no pain at all.  Remembered that I have a toothbrush with a tiny head, decided to try brushing again.  Completely messed something up - the blood just started gushing out.  Put the stent back in.  Blood pooled in it, making me look like I had just bitten into someone's neck.  No pain though.  Laying off tooth brushing for awhile.  All my grooming habits are down the crapper.  Made a super awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Frap as a consolation.  The teeth are aching.  Feels like they are moving.  Still can't figure out how to chew with these contraptions in - pureed soup.  The sucking motion made the wound on the palate open up again.  I must have majorly messed something up up there.  Blood all over the bathroom.  I am kind of scared to press the gauze against it though - what if the stitches get caught in it and get ripped out?  I suspect I am already missing enough.  Everything I do causes it to bleed.  Is it because I lifted weights today?  Too much effort?  Should I wait a little longer to start exercising again?  The handout said three days.  Why do I never follow doctor's orders?  Didn’t take any painkillers today at all.  Figured that if I am in too much pain tomorrow morning, I can take one of the horse pills again.  Finished up all the antibiotics. The back of the front bottom teeth feels really weird.  Rough.  Because of the deep cleaning?  I think I am missing a lot of gum tissue there too.  I thought the doctor would replace it there too.  After I laid my head down to go to sleep tonight, the blood started gushing out all over the place again. Put pressure on it.  Blood just dripping off my finger.  So much - I started contemplating who to call first: the doctor or 911.  Cleared up after about half an hour.  Had to sleep practically sitting up again.  Will this ever get better? 

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