June 10, 2014


Drugs have the dosage for a horse.  Really working.  Not much pain.  But can't touch the face.  Some weird twitching and jerking in the face/jaw - hurts.  Can't really open my mouth.  Plus, I am afraid I will disturb the bottom stitches.  I need the caulk to stay in place for at least 5 days - doctor's orders. Lots of drooling.  Doesn't look like the face is bruised, but it does look square.  I have more chin than RW.  Do not notice much bleeding tho.  Jello is still too solid - have to make it more diluted than the package recommendation.  Thinner consistency pudding and cream of chicken soup are perfect.  Drinking liquids is uncomfortable - it is getting under the stent and I almost start choking, and the bottom lip is pulling too much. Having to slurp food from the spoon.  

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