June 19, 2014


Didn't have to elevate the head last night.  Tried running this morning.  The caulk was moving uncomfortably.  Made me afraid that it may move the graft.  Also the site felt a little sore this afternoon.  Maybe too soon.  Otherwise, things seem to be the same - no pain, no bleeding, caulk still in place.  Tried brushing the outside of teeth in the morning.  Tried looking at the palate, but can't really make out anything up in there.  Plus, I don't own a mirror that would fit in my mouth.  Feels very tender.  Stitches are still in there.  Kind of hurts to move my tongue too much.   Peppermint Mocha Frap is delish.  For lunch - pureed cauliflower with tofu, kefir cheese and garlic flavor cube.  Definitely getting my veggies, but need to get more creative about the protein.  Hmmm…  Brushed the outside of top row and flossed in the evening.  Maybe will try to brush on the inside tomorrow, even if only on the other side.  

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