June 11, 2014


Slept like a log. The face is barely sore, if I don't bother it or try to use it.  Noticed some blood from under the caulk first thing in the morning, so I think I will take it easy today as well.  Oh shit - I am not supposed to spit.  Yawning is painful.  Sneezing is painful.  Moving any face muscles is painful.  Have to wait for the meds to kick in to eat anything, as opening the mouth too wide hurts.  Kinda makes me glad I got no one to make out with.  Drugs last more than six hours.  I should cut down.  Well, I definitely look like a horse with this face.  Can't eat popsicles - can't open wide enough + the sucking motion makes the bottom lip hurt.  I see why doctor said not to use a straw.  The stent protects very well - cannot even feel hot or cold.  Can't really taste anything either - I guess most of my taste buds are on the palate.  Consuming enormous amounts of jello.  Cream of mushroom should definitely be left for cooking.  Cannot chew yet - does not feel right with all the contraptions in my mouth.  The reflexes are just not working the same.  Tried to eat some cottage cheese - kept swallowing the whole chunks - had to puree.  Oh well…  more liquid foods for me tomorrow.  I have a feeling I won't be able to chew anything until the caulk is gone.  Right now I am just afraid to even move my bottom lip too much - I don't want to disturb da thing. Didn't see anymore blood today.

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