May 5, 2014

Ellen Show Tips

I went to the taping of Ellen Show on May 5th.  These is what I learned from the experience.

  • By requesting tickets online you get the chance for standby tickets only.   This means that you will get into the studio, if someone with a guaranteed or VIP ticket does not show up.  But they overbook Ellen show, so…  manage expectations accordingly.
  • People say that they sign up online, but never get any tickets.  I got a call on my second try.
  • Get there early.  I got to Gate 3 waiting area before 8 am.  There were already 8-10 people waiting.
  • The girl will drive up a little after 9 and will give you the numbers.  The higher is your number (in line), the higher are your chances of NOT getting into the studio audience.  I was number 261.  I think Ellen's studio has sitting for only like 200. 
  • When you come back at 2, do not bring any reading/writing materials or anything extra.  There will be so much going on.  You will not even have time to think of anything else other than the excitement of being on Ellen Show!
  • Everything is super organized.  The production is very well orchestrated.  People are numbers. 
  • The taping started before 4 and ended around 4:35, even though we taped two shows. 
  • Although the tickets are free, they really make you work for it.  I lost my voice 15 minutes in.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, as there are will be a lot of dancing, hand waiving, swaying, clapping, screaming, etc.  As I said - they make you work for it.
  • Don't expect to get a ton of awesome free stuff either. 
  • Don't hope to get on TV.  They only really show the front rows.  No one is going to notice how brightly pink your dress is in the far back 114th row. 
  • I had a blast.  Ellen is the best part of the whole production. 

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