January 22, 2014

LA Art Show 2014

I love art – anything and everything.  I take every opportunity to broaden my horizons – museums, galleries, theater, ballet, opera, whatever.  Last weekend I went to the LA Art Show 2014.  It is been organized for 19 years and features historic, modern, and contemporary artists. It was huge and very exciting.  In one venue you were able to admire and/or purchase classical works of artists that lived in the 18th century as well as artists that appear to reach into the future.  Even Volvo took this chance to showcase their vehicles. 

"Twin 1" - Scott Hove
I believe that there is no such thing as good or bad art.  In my book, art is an art is an art.  It is a reflection of one mind, interpretation of one’s reality, a way of expressing one’s opinions, an attempt of being a self.  Naturally, I respect the classics. I don’t judge the dark.  However, subconsciously I am drawn to bright and unusual.  Not dark and weirdly scary unusual, but beautifully weird and unusual.  The interpretations of banal in an edgy way.  A provocative stimulation of the mind.  A room for interpretation.  A prompt to make it applicable to yourself and your own life.  The insight into others acute mind. 

"Pinned Queen" by Jamie Reid

At this exhibits, I noticed that I like three dimensional.  I like the use of different media.  I like the techniques in resin and acrylic that create glossy surfaces.  I like very few abstracts, especially when they are titled “Untitled”.  Art should make a statement. I bluntly don’t like blunt attempts to copy a style of a well-known artist.  The statement should be of something new or a different perspective on old. 

Ultimately, art should make you happy.  This particular sculpture by Daniele Matalon made me happy, because it reminded me of my lil’ sis walking her puppy.  Well, except that she is way more beautiful and her puppy is way more adorable.  

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