June 23, 2014


No dreams about food.  Slept without the stent.  Everything is fine in the morning.  Ran with the stent in though.  Tried to be careful with the caulk, when wiping the sweat off the chin to not move the graft.  The check up is today.  Most of the stitches are gone from the roof.  Some sensitivity and discomfort with pressure.  Otherwise, the palate feels like it is almost back to normal, except one spot on the very front.  I think that's where I popped the stitches trying to brush a couple of days in.  Hopefully, it just takes a little longer to heal and it will be back like it was before.  The back of the front teeth feels weird.  I think it is some kind of substance that the doctor applied.  Should come off once I am able to start brushing there again.  No pain.  No bleeding.  Have to go back to work tomorrow.  Not really sure how I am going to work around the eating part.  Will probably just have to come back home to puree something.  It's best to have a plan - without a plan I end up either eating everything in site, or not eating at all. 

The check up went well.  The doctor pulled off the caulk and bunch of stitches from under it.  Said it is very unusual for it to stay put for so long.  Well, it is also unusual for someone to be as alone as me.  Gave me a super special toothbrush to brush the bottom front.  Ultra Suave, baby.  Need to be very careful when eating - kind of ease into more solid food, basically go by how comfortable it feels on the tissue.  New tissue itself feels uncomfortable.  It is thick and dark.  But the site does not really look much different to me.  The membrane is definitely missing.  Oh well… as long as the lip still works.  Hopefully, the worst is behind me, and from now on things will only be getting better.  Still going to wear the stent to protect the wound while eating.  Until all the sensitivity is gone.  Also found out that this procedure does not work for the tissue on the back of the teeth.   Oh and the gross stuff on the back of the front teeth - plaque!  Peoples, it grows like friggin' moss.  Please remember to brush and floss twice a day EVERY DAY!  That shit literally came off in chunks when I finally blushed and flossed it out.  The teeth are yellow from not brushing for so long  ..and drinking so much coffee. 

Started new gums off with pudding and jello.  Everything feels fine.  The palate actually feels worse than the bottom front.  I should do fine with the soft foods tomorrow.  Probably will wait for several days to really bite into anything.  

Since there will be no huge changes on daily basis, I will not be posting daily updates anymore.  Maybe only weekly changes until week 6, which is supposed to mark full recovery.  

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