June 12, 2014


Couldn't sleep most of the night.  The whole face is throbbing.  Trying to sleep sitting up to keep the head elevated.  I think there still was some blood this morning.  I think I am talking ok - people are understanding me.  Just have to hold my lip up with my finger to make sure the caulk is not disturbed.  Sudden moves still hurt, of course.  Applesauce is good.  But still pureeing cottage cheese.  Good excuse to make Da Cheese Fluff.  This time with butterscotch pudding and caramel syrup.  Oh so yummy! Too bad one of the side effects of mixing antibiotics and alcohol is death.  Well, in my current condition I just wish it had fiber.  Running out of jello.  Cut down on painkillers in the third dosage.  OMG! My gums are so white from being covered up for so long.  I really should start letting them breath more, but I am afraid to touch the stitches on the roof.  Not seeing blood.  I think the retainer really helps. I like it.  It fits so well - practically snaps onto my teeth. 

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