June 15, 2014


Slept on my regular pillow - felt fine without elevation.  Since no throbbing in the face, decided to wash my hair.  Too much pressure when  bending over.  Yes, I haven't washed it since Monday.  Thank God the headbands are back!  And I haven't worn any makeup all this time either - too painful to touch the face to clean the paint off.  Breaking out like crazy.  The palate is still bleeding this morning. Feels like one of the stitches must have popped out.  I think I probably did it with the toothbrush.  It is so close to the front teeth.  But the stent seems to hold it up and together pretty well.  No blood is pooling in it.  I would probably pass out if I actually had to use the gauze they gave me to stop the bleeding.  I have no caregiver tendencies whatsoever.  Interestingly not much pain, just soreness.  That doesn't even count.  More liquid foods for me today. The bottom looks the same.  No blood.  Can see the stitches peeking out from under the caulk.  Doesn't look like it is planning on coming off any time soon.  Oh well…  Still painful to touch the front of the lip.  The one tender spot on the top is still bleeding in the evening.  Kind of a lot.  But if I keep the stent in, it seems to calm it down a bit.  Not really painful though. 

Oatmeal is too lumpy.  Probably doesn’t help that I put some flax in.  Had to consciously make myself chew it. Really hating it clinging to my teeth.  Sticking with cream of wheat for now.  Pureed my green beans with some chicken tomato broth.  I think surgery may turn out to be a blessing in disguise - could lead to discovery of some new flavors, invention of some new recipes.  May end up publishing a book titled "Dental Graft Kitchen Adventures".  Theoretically, anything canned can be pureed.  Just need to come up with the right liquid to pair the stuff with. 

I think everyday is becoming easier now, although it is still kind of handicapping me in a way.  Consuming my whole being.  Making it hard to concentrate on anything else.  I am constantly trying to gauge how things are feeling, worried how things are healing, thinking about what I am going to eat next to stay full but not to gain weight.  Seemly like it is harder on me emotionally, than physically.  

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