January 23, 2014

LA Art Show 2014 (The Art Goes On)

There were quite a few fascinating works at the show.  One post definitely won't do it justice.  Just as photos do not do justice to meeting the art in person.

I am currently fascinated with Eiffel Towel.  I want it on everything.
"La Dame de Fer" - Alan Godon

"Untitled Sunflower" - Kim Meyeongbeom
What does "To Know" mean to you?
"To Know" - Hiroko Tsuchida
"Sha Clack Clack" - Mear One

I love everything mirror.
"Golden Sun N1" - Norman Moon
If only everything in life was as easy as taking a pill...
"Better Living Thru Chemistry" - Edie Nadelhaft & Reed Seifer

Will there ever be enough of these pills?

And some more...

Unfortunately, I did not catch the artist's name, but interestingly enough this piece is called "Kisses".
Don't we all want to do this to some of our Xs?
"(Not Quite) Salvation Superman" - Cindy Jackson
Hey I don't judge.

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