July 22, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 6 (July 15 - July 21, 2014)

Wednesday - July 16, 2014:
While working on this blog came to realization that I am on week 6 of Dental Graft recovery.  Things should be pretty much healed up.  And they are.  But they are not back to normal.  There is a new normal - tightness across the bottom front gum line, constant biting of lips and inside of cheeks, strange bumpiness of the palate, jolting paranoia about not being careful enough...

Brushed the bottom front with the electric toothbrush.  Nothing.  Things are looking great.  One thing that's kind of a bummer - no one will ever know that I have brand new gums.   My bottom gums are not visible, even when I laugh out loud. 

Thursday - July 17, 2014:
Have been biting on the sides of my bottom lip excessively today.  Chewing gum may still not be such a great idea.  Both sides are completely mangled up and bloody.  One of the mucous cells on the left side is enlarged.  Dear, didn't the doctor tell you to stop biting your lip, when he cut out the one on the right side?

Friday - July 18, 2014:
Ate a plum by biting into it.  Didn't cut it up, but it was firm.  Now the little patch on the right side of the new gums looks like it is about to fall off.  Very concerning.  I was under impression that it would be solidly in place by now.  What would happen if it did fall off now?  I would probably have a hole in my gums. Ugh! That would be creepy. 

Saturday - July 19, 2014:
I am still using this surgery as an excuse not to talk to people.  Most of them honestly scare me.  Especially the guy that was reading a newspaper in the super weird, super cluttered, super dusty liquor store.  I don't necessarily explain it to them that I am feeling not so talkative, because of some minor procedure that I had done six weeks ago.  But the truth is - it still feels uncomfortable. 

Sunday - July 20, 2014:
I think the bottom lip gets stiff during the night.  It was somewhat painful to swish water round the mouth this morning.  The palate is still not completely regenerated.  Bumpy.  Hollows in several places.  But overall, it is heeled and smooth.  The back of the front teeth feels rough.  I need a cleaning badly.  All the plaque drives me crazy - been flossing like a mad woman.  But really - that's nothing new. 


  1. How are you feeling now about everything you went through? I'm considering a procedure and considering flying out of town to a perio my dentist recommended.

  2. Thank you very much for asking. I will post an update shortly.


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