January 4, 2014

For the Love of Baking

As you may know, I love to bake.  Usually I do make a lot of goodies around holidays.  And I love to try new recipes.  Thus, I would like to thank my co-workers for being such great guinea pigs, as this year I also made quite a few sweet things.

1. Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crust. Go ahead.  Admit it. It was even better than Porto’s Pumpkin Pie.

2. Brownie Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache.  I used my own recipe for the cheesecake from June 2012 post, but instead of mixing the chocolate chips into the cheesecake batter I used them for ganache.

3. Mint Chocolate Chips Cookies for my Dad.

4. Banana Brownie Bread – more of a desert bread than a breakfast kind of banana bread. Be sure to spread with peanut butter.

5. Pumpkin Brownies.  The easiest recipe ever, but not moist enough for my taste. Personally, I adore Yogurtland brownie bits.  I get a whole three every time.

6. Pumpkin Bundt with Caramel Glaze.  It is good luck to eat a ring-shaped cake for New Year’s.

But of course, I am taking requests. Please be sure to let me know, if you would like me to bake anything especially for you.

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