December 5, 2014


Now that it has been six months since the procedure, I think I am finally able to look back and evaluate the surgery and recovery more rationally.  In reality, it was torturous.  I am afraid to even go back and re-read what I put down here. I think my brain was in the defense mode. I honestly do not know where I found the strength to power through that challenge alone.

State of the Mouth:  
The donor site on the roof of the mouth (the palate) feels uneven to the tongue.  It is not sensitive to anything, but it is by no means back to normal. Bumpy, though already firm.

The recipient site on the front of the mouth: new normal.  Pretty much used to the tightness. I suppose, having another surgery on the left side of my bottom lip did not help to make it more comfortable.  The new tissue looks much lighter in color than the old tissue.  You can definitely tell that it is foreign. I can feel that is still raised, if I run my finger over it, although the doctor said that it will wear down.

Bottom Line:
Overall, the issue appears to have been largely taken care of.  I don't think the gym tissue is expected to regenerate, but the gum line does appear to be higher, which will hopefully prevent future receding. On the other hand, initially there was a tiny hole between tissue pieces, which my ONT pointed out to me. However, it actually closed up after several months. I also believe in the power of electric toothbrush.  It is definitely much gentler on my mouth than my hand and should prevent further damage. Back to flossing at least three times a day.

I don't know what the typical long-term experience is. Even the doctor warned me that there is no guarantees, and it may need to be redone.  However, I think I would rather go through the surgery AND recovery than, ultimately, loose my teeth.

Please share your experience and long-term results. Thank you.

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