June 18, 2014


No bleeding during the night.  More intense workout today.  Everything seems to be ok.  No pain.  Can't wait for the caulk to fall off.  Maybe if I talked more, it would fall off faster.   I can talk - huge lisp.  Joke of the day - all these contraptions may just cure my accent.  Tried to chew oatmeal again - seem to be doing  better, but not particularly liking all the flakes stuck in my teeth and in the stent.  :( Trying to think of something creative to puree for lunch.  Hey, at least I am getting my vegetables!  Constantly hungry - consciously trying to make myself wait at least an hour between eating anything.  Still trying to be very careful with everything.  No painkillers.  Saw a little blood after flossing - the stent promptly went back in for the rest of the night.  Things seems to be fairly calm today though.  Makes me a little more optimistic. Full recovery take 6 weeks.  That is a very long time, if it is consuming this much of my being.

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