July 1, 2014

DENTAL GRAFT DIARIES: Week 3 (June 24 - 30, 2014)

Tuesday - June 24, 2014: 
First day without the cast.  First day back at work.  Turned out to be super intense and busy.  By the end of the day the tissue felt raw.  Too much talking and running around trying to catch up.  With every sip of my beloved Diet Mountain Dew the tissue felt like it was about to came off.  Not painful, more uncomfortable.  Especially when laughing.  Also, by the end of the day felt completely drained.   No energy.  I guess I am not at 100% yet.  Something keeps bleeding every time I try to brush. 

Wednesday - June 25, 2014:
No changes.  Peachy Plum smoothie for breakfast.  Ground my teeth so hard while lifting weights - made me afraid that the stent will shatter.  The graft tissue looks white.  Makes me think that it is dyeing off.  I think I am afraid that something will not go as planned, or that the procedure did not work.  Still trying to be super careful with it.  Haven't tried to bite into anything yet.  Haven't tried brushing it.  It is really thick - feels like there is something stuffed behind my bottom lip. I keep trying to pry it out with my tongue.  The palate still feels very soft and sensitive in one spot.  Finally got enough courage to use my awesome electric brush on the top row - survived. 

Thursday - June 26, 2014: 
Brushing the top and the sides of the bottom row with the electric toothbrush.  Interesting, there is no bleeding with the electric toothbrush.  I definitely brush too hard manually.  Not brushing the very front yet.  I don't think I am ready to stop coddling it - it looks like it is about to come off.  Eating pureed and some soft foods without the stent.  I think the top will be back to normal in no time now.  There is just a small area that is not healing as fast as the rest of the area.  I don't think I will be using the stent at all next week.   Oh and the Cucumber Melon smoothie - even more delicious than I expected. 

Friday - June 27, 2014:
Ate soup and canned beans without pureeing.  And without the stent.   Trying to chew in the back only.  Trying not to bite into anything yet.  Overall, things seems to be getting better with each passing day.  I think I am going to stop wearing the stent.  The palate is feeling pretty healed up and not sensitive at all.  Mildly spicy foods and alcohol don’t seem to bother any wounds at all.

Saturday - June 28, 2014:
Brushed the front teeth with the new Ultra Suave - everything still in place.  The bristles are so soft - you feel practically nothing.  Made scrambled eggs and Apple Carrot smoothie for breakfast.  I think I can eat most foods now.  Probably should still avoid biting into anything hard though, like raw carrots or apples.  Didn't wear the stent all day.  Can't say the palate is back to normal yet, but definitely less sensitivity. Feels squishy, almost like a blister.  Very mild soreness.  Finally got brave enough to closely examine the new tissue.  The patch looks weird.  And tiny.  Looks like it is placed right in the middle of the original gums. 

Sunday - June 29, 2014:
Some of the tissue on the front was white again this morning.  Researched it, of course.  Turns out it is normal.  The doctor did say it will thin out over time, so hopefully only the parts that are not needed are sloughing off.  The area looks very healthy otherwise - pink and no longer bruised.  Funny that I am still not used to it - woke up wondering what dat what? I think once I stop babying it so much, it will start feeling more normal.  But I am thinking I probably won't stop babying it until it feels more or less normal.  :D Ah another Catch 22...

Monday - June 30, 2014:
The bottom lip still feels like someone strung the tissue at the bottom of my front teeth on a string and is puling it tight.  Trying to refrain from singing in the car - opening my mouth that wide still feels somewhat uncomfortable.  Tropical Garden smoothie for breakfast.  Tried flossing one tooth at the graft site - of course, messed it all up and made it bleed.  Really tried to be super careful not to touch the gums much, but I guess they are still very weak and I am right to still be coddling them.  

It appears that some of the tissue did not take.  The doctor was supposed to cover four teeth, but the patch is not even across three.  Barely covering the exposed root that started the whole endeavor.  This is definitely not what I expected.  Was it really worth it going through the whole ordeal for what seems like not much visual improvement in the condition?  I guess it is all preventative?  Dang!  Makes no sense.  Kind of disappointing.  :(

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