June 14, 2014


Still had to elevate my head somewhat.  Woke up really sore.  Some blood under the stent, probably because of brushing last night. Gonna have to wait for the stitches to dissolve to brush that side.  The face seems to be less swollen today.  I think the pain is only at the actual areas of shots and incisions.  Still cannot chew with the stent in.  Tried to eat some silken tofu, but only kept smooshing it against the stent and swallowed in chunks.   Still pureeing everything.  Canned pears with tofu anyone? Stocked up on more pudding.  Good news - I can use the straw with the stent in.  Feels ok.  Weirdly just noticed some yellow bruising on the right side of my face in the coffee shop mirror.  Very slight, no one probably notices it.  The barista could not understand anything that came out of my mouth.  The Mint Chocolate TomNccino was ridiculously thick.  Should have eaten it with the spoon.   Hopefully, the palate healed up enough to not pull out any stitches.  My lips and tongue are super deformed inside.  Tried to go without the stent for a long as possible today.  The palate is still swollen and feels all cut up.  I can feel the incision and stitches from the very front of the mouth to the very back.  Super close to the teeth.  Started bleeding pretty bad at night. Not exactly sure what caused it.  Probably eating without the stent (it was only jello!).   Maybe going without it was a bad idea.  Will keep the thing in for another night.  So much for being adventurous!   Feels like the caulk is starting to disintegrate on the left side.  Let's hope the situation is better under there.  It still hurts to move the lower lip, like pursing lips together.  Another addiction I am mourning - chewing gum.  :(  Before this ordeal I could friggin' chew up a pack in one sitting, especially if trying to concentrate really hard.  Yes, a pack of 15!  Maybe this endeavor will cure the nasty habit.  

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