June 20, 2014


Not much change.  No pain.  No bleeding.  Stitches at the donor site are starting to dissolve - a couple came out when I brushed this morning. Long threads hanging down.  Palate feels less tender.  So smooth, like I have new baby skin.  Hopefully, everything is only uphill from here.  Soaked up some cereal.   I like them soggy anyways.  Super yummy AppleCaramel smoothie.  I am really perfecting all these recipes - the book will be in stores any day now. ;)  Tried to make myself chew cottage cheese.   Annoying how it gets stuck everywhere, even in the caulk.  Caulk still in its usual place. Keep trying to pull on the bottom lip to look at the recipient site - not a good idea.  The gums under there look dark, like they are super bruised.  If the doctor does not let me stop wearing the stent on Monday, this recovery maybe harder than I anticipated.  But overall, it was a good day today.  

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