June 17, 2014


No bleeding at time of waking.  Very light work out - no blood.  Hopefully, things are getting better there on the top.   The bottom lip almost does not hurt anymore.  Only when touching or making sudden moves.  Caulk is staying put solid.  Working from home today - didn't feel comfortable bringing my faithful blender to work.  Should be ok to talk.  But going back to being extra careful.  Would hate for blood to start gashing out in the middle of a meeting or something. :D  Bonus: wore ankle weights all day - maybe burned additional half a calorie.    Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie was delish.  But still eating weird foods.  Pureed boiled carrots with tofu and kefir cheese for lunch.  So afraid that the palate will start bleeding again.  So afraid that something is not healing up right up there.  Will be messed up for forever, like my lip.  Hopefully everything is ok and all I need is time to heal up.  My sis is the best.  Can't talk to anyone else.  No bleeding at night.  Didn't eat any crazy or thick foods.  Got so paranoid - keeping pocket mirror by my side at all times to make sure there is no blood.  So didn't brush, but flossed.  No painkillers all day.  Very mild throbbing in the face, but still keeping head elevated. 

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