June 9, 2014


The procedure went fine.  Not half as bad as I expected.  A little over an hour.  The doctor was great; the nurse kept poking me with the suction instruments and other contraptions on the outside.  I almost drowned in my own blood a couple of times.  Walked to Ralphs.  The pharmacist looked at me like I was Frankenstein.  Probably because I had blood pooled in the stent.  My mouth wouldn't close.  I couldn't understand myself what I was telling him. Didn't move much for the rest of the night.  Watched a couple of movies.  Applying enormous amounts of the goopiest lip moisturizer.  Could not eat even jello.  I must have been really in pain, because I felt nauseous.  Couldn't sleep all night, tried to lay on the back and keep head elevated.  People kept texting.

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