June 22, 2014


Dreamed about bacon last night, which is weird cuz I prefer sausage.  The day went fairly calm.  Nothing new.  No new stitches came out.  The caulk still in place.  No pain.  The palate still very tender, but took out the stent in the evening for over an hour.  Probably not a good idea as my tongue keeps playing with the threads.  Accidentally attempted eating without the stent, but everything seems to be ok.  Except lemon pudding should be left for pies and pies only.  I swear every time I try to brush up in there, it starts bleeding.  The stitches are so extremely close to the gum line - it's unbelievable.  I think one of them is right between my teeth.  Did the doctor really plan to cut that way?  Hmmm….    

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