June 16, 2013

Perfect Closet = Style?

New book!  Yay!  "Style" by Lauren Conrad.

Honestly, this book is written for a style amateur.  To me most of her her advise was as second nature as common sense.  This is probably rooted in the fact that the author's target audience is a high school girl (judging by the fact that she is telling stories from her cheer-leading days).  Personally, I am already using (or purposefully ignoring) most of her tips.

The only pages that I actually have bookmarked are the makeup tips. I am constantly in search of a perfect cat eye.  I like my makeup to look more or less natural, but cat-eye always seems to be too dramatic.  So I experiment with all the ways and advices that I ever come across.  It is on page 122:

  • Rest your elbow on something sturdy like a bathroom counter so that you only need to move your wrist (controlling the movement of your hand is the trick to mastering liquid eyeliner). 
  • Place the brush or pen at the inner corner and drag it outward, stopping at the outer edge. Less pressure yields a thinner line - you can always go back and press harder for a thicker edge, so start small!
  • Once you reach the outer corner, pause: Think of your face as a clock with vertical line from the center of your eye to your eyebrow as 12 and a horizontal line to your ear as 3.  You're gunning for 1:30.  Wing the liner out a little bit for the cat-eye look, stopping where your eye crease ends (roughly the length of an eyelash). 
Now all I have to do is practice!

Another page I have bookmarked is the travel section with a list of what to pack for a city vacation.  If I am going anywhere that is not "city", it is not a vacation.  Here is what she is packing for five days:

  • 2 pairs of jeans (one should be in a clean, basic wash so you can wear them out at night)
  • 3 evening/party tops (which can also work during the day)
  • 1 nice blouse (for daytime) - is blouse not a top?
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 1 cardigan (cut slightly long)
  • 1 blazer or cropped jacket (crisp but easy to move in)
  • 1 dress (for going to dinner or out at night)
  • 2 scarves (for warmth and splashes of color) - and hopefully fountains 
  • 2 pairs of flats (colorful and comfortable)
  • 1 pair of heels (for evening)
  • 1 pair of sneakers (just in case)
  • 1 lightweight satchel (you need to be able to carry this for hours - it may sound crazy, but consider a leather backpack as another good option)
  • jewelry 
  • undergarments 

Another section that more of us would benefit from is Chapter Eleven: Events and Parties.  Here she is giving tips on decoding the invitation (pg 205) and posing for photos (pg 210).

Happy reading!