November 30, 2013

UPDATE: Currently Craving: High Heeled High Tops

The 08/26/12 Currently Craving is the most viewed post on this blog.  So I know that you remember my search for the perfect high top sneakers.  I wanted them to go with leggings, skinnies, and, of course, with all my fabulous skirts that I wear all the time now, since the weather is always beautiful in sunny California.
Well... perfection does exist...  even if you have to search for it for a couple of years...

It was love at first sight, even though I had to wait for a couple of weeks to order them (since I just bought a tooth.  Yes, all the way down to da root!).

By the way, Currently Craving is now on Pinterest.

November 16, 2013

A Girl's Girl?

A girl's girl is someone who:

1) Is attractive without being threatening or overly sexy. In other words, she escapes the skank factor. This is a big one. Because most women want to better themselves with friends who will propel them into the next category, without constantly worrying if their spouses secretly lust over their gal pals.

2) Her house is just so. Do I even need to explain this one? No.

3) She wants babies, lots of babies. Or at least, she publicly pines over all things motherhood in a way that rivals only her husband's rabid love of SEC football. Because this, apparently, is the fruition of womanhood. And of course one child is never enough. One child forces her to ask the question, "So when are you going to have another one?"

4) She is smiley. In fact, the probability of being a girl's-girl increases with the size of and the frequency by which you flash your pearly whites. Think Julia Roberts toothiness. She played a prostitute in "Pretty Woman" and still audiences perceived her as wholesome as granny's apple pie every time she bared those mega-watt chompers.

5) She does not have a past. Or if she has an unsavory history, it is one that makes her look enduring in a June Carter, Lifetime movie sort of way.

6) She is good with correspondences: think thank you cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, scrapbook pages, etc...

7) She has a well-stocked purse. Need a tissue/nail file/safety pin/tampon/ironing board/tire iron/vintage off-white cameo pin? This girl has it all in her Kate Spade. Eat your heart out Mary Poppins.

8) She is better than all of your friends in at least one hobby. Bonus points if she is a) a militant jogger or triathlete, b) insane coupon-clipper, c) yoga instructor, d) culinary queen, or e) a combination of two of the above.

9) She looks effortless in ridiculous trends. Somehow she manages to be the one person on earth who doesn't look like bloated roadkill while wearing jeggings and faux-fur wrap.

10) Other girls like her, and she likes other girls. The majority of her friends are other women (mostly) like her. Because girl's-girls tend to attract one another.


November 6, 2013

The Real Haute Style

According to the new book I am reading, all fashion is from France.

Plus, apparently "everybody's doin' it" - Fancy Skirt + T-shirt is a trend.

Who What Wear

November 5, 2013


I know from experience that no matter what I eat, it all ends up in one place - my booty.  Which is why I had to balance the last post with this one.  Enjoy the "9 Butt Exercises For a Super Toned Tush".

Women's Health

November 4, 2013

Perfect Chocolate Cheese Fluff

I used to bake.  Now, since the weather is always perfect here in the heart of LA city, I stick with cool no-bake desserts.

3/4 cup low fat chocolate milk          
1 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/3 cup sugar free chocolate flavor syrup
1 pkg (4-serving size) chocolate fudge pudding mix
2 cups chocolate whipped topping

Pour milk into blender.  Add cottage cheese and syrup.  Blend until smooth.  Add pudding mix.  Blend again.  (This stage of the preparation will be over faster than you expect.  The mixture gets so thick that it pretty much stops moving.)

Scrap it out into a large bowl.  Stir in whipped topping.  Mix well. 

Spoon into serving glasses.  Garnish, if desired.

Makes 8 servings at 113 calories each without any garnish. 

Make sure to eat this dessert within a day or two – sadly, the fluffiness settles.