June 21, 2014


Messed something up in there again while trying to brush.  Minor bleeding.  I should just forget about brushing that side all together.  Otherwise no news.  Long threads are still hanging off the roof of my mouth.  Caulk still solid against the front teeth.  Uneventful rest of the day.  The sucking motion still feels uncomfortable, but not painful and does not cause bleeding.  Highlight of the day - White ChocolateCoconut Fluff.  Delicioso!  Even with water instead of milk I really didn't miss real food today.  :D  Got a care package from my sister The Bestest - definitely cheered me up. Tried to be extra careful brushing and flossing.   The palate feels better.  Still very soft, but not as tender and not painful.  Definitely something is missing under the top layer.  Quite a few stitches appear to be gone.  

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