November 25, 2012

LA Strange: On Hooking Up II

On the way back from one of the usual trips to Glendale Galleria, I made a mistake of stopping at VONS on Alvarado.  Complete ghetto.  Do NOT take a bus there!

By the meat cooler, “Hi, you are very beautiful.”  Turning around to get a better look and to flash a smile, “Thank you”.  Oh god, look away, look the other way, look any other way...

“I have a girlfriend, but can we still be friends?” Ummm, sure, whatever.  Hand sigh. Still following me…

“My name is Johnny.  So what’s your number?”  Oh that’s ok.  Keep on trying to walk away.  Still following me. 

“I have to go now, but can I text you?” “NO!!!” dropping the shopping basket and practically running out of the store.  Cursing the shoes.