January 30, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 10 (aka One Perfect LA Saturday)

My eyes feel so normal now, that I am starting to forget that I am not supposed to touch that area for another week. I catch myself on attempts to seriously rub them, especially in the shower or when washing my face.

I was out and about all day, but only had to use the artificial tears a couple of times throughout the day. It was kind of a cloudy morning, but in the end it turned out to be a fabulous day.
I spent the entire day downtown. I went to the LA Art Show 2016 at the Convention Center, but that took only a couple of hours. I enjoyed a Cinnamon Dolce frappuccino, while reading the Angeleno mag. Went to the movies at the Regal, saw "Fifty Shades of Black". Hilarious, and I love Marlon Wayans, but, to be honest, not worth paying to see it at the theater. And can you believe there was no line at The Pantry? That alone is amazing! I also did some shopping at the FIGat7th. Victoria Secret just came out with the new delicious fragrance mist - Charming.

And even though I am still not wearing makeup, I got so many compliments. I had men tell me how beautiful I was all day. I guess my mother was right - it is more important for a woman to have a beautiful body than a beautiful face. I am sure it was because of the dress I was wearing. Actually, it was kind of ironic - I was shopping at Victoria Secret wearing VS sweater dress and sunglasses. :) Days like this remind me, why I love dressing up, wearing giant heels, and enjoying all the awesome places to visit in LA. Let me know, if you would like to explore with me, if you are in LA area.

The only troublesome thing about the day was the horrendous traffic on 101 - took me over an hour to drive there and almost two to get back to the Valley.

Still had to tape the eye shields to my forehead before going to sleep. My pillow I am not trying to impress.

   *   *   *
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