January 24, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 4

This morning things are not a whole lot of different from yesterday. I started doing some minor exercises - stretching, light weights - you do eventually get bored sitting on your ass. I am continuing walking for cardio and paying close attention to what I am eating.   

Things seems to be progressing well. I am only using the drops four times a day now and do not get up during the night. I do carry the artificial tears with me all the time, but I think I am somewhat apprehensive to use it in public places out fear of getting dirt or infection into my eyes.

It am getting too comfortable with the state of my eyes that I am afraid I might get careless with my eye care. I have been writing, reading, studying all day. They do feel a little tired now - minor strain - but overall they feel almost as comfortable as they did when I was wearing glasses. Of course, it is possible that by now I am simply starting to get used to the way they feel.

One important difference I noticed is that it is harder to see things really close to my face. They seem to kind of get out of focus. I was afraid that out of habit I would keep bringing my reading materials close to my face or bend my neck close to the page when writing, but now I have to consciously move it further away. 

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More information about my LASIK adventure can be found on my official LASIK page

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