January 22, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 2

OMG! I can see everything. I mean EVERYTHING!

I can see the price tag on the box at the top of the bathroom cabinet (and actually make out the numbers). I can see the tiny extra hole in the wall above the Marilyn poster. I can see all the lint and sand on the my dark hardwood floors. I can see stuff I've never noticed before. Like nails in my popcorn ceiling? WTF?

I don't know if I see any better than I did yesterday, but my eyes definitely feel more comfortable today. No itchiness, no grittiness. Still something moving in my eye, if I fixate on the same spot for too long. Could it possibly be the dryness? It does get better, if I put some artificial tears in.  

Today I took an extended pleasure in soaking myself in the tub. Also, I actually used a facial cleanser very carefully trying to avoid the eye area. Still no creams or perfumes though. I went for a long walk today, and the wind seemed to bother my eyes. Dried them out. I think I need to be using artificial tears more.

Continuing to use all three kinds of drops all day long. It does not feel like there are any changes to my vision. Hopefully, they just continue to peacefully heal, if I take good care of them. Taped the eye shields back onto my forehead before going to bed.

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