January 19, 2016

LASIK: The State of Preparedness

I am ready. I have worn glasses for most of my life - since the first grade. Believe it - I have endured years of being teased and called names, being one of the nerds all through high school, and never having a boyfriend until I got contacts. And that does not even include the real problems that accompany not being able to see literally beyond your nose. Bottom line: I never had a life without glasses or contacts. Yes, I have always wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning and just see.

I filled the prescription for the drops so they are available for me to use right after I get back home from the surgery.  Two different kinds - antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Cost me almost $50 for both. I already have the OTC kind that is used to flash the eye out in case anything gets in it.

I called the office again to ask a couple of more questions that I was not sure about. I have read about a million blog posts about the procedure. I also talked to my friend who used to work at the doctor's office.

The only things I was still worried about were:
1. How much will I actually be able to see right after the surgery? Will I be able to use my phone? Will I be able to not walk into a glass door? Will I be able to open my apartment door with a key? Etc.
2. How long will it be until I am able to read, watch TV, or use a computer again? I will need to find something to occupy me during that time.

From what I understand most people see fine right after the surgery, except for the sensitivity to the bright lights. Some even wait for awhile in the office and then drive home themselves. Doctor's advice is to nap or simply rest for about four hours after the surgery. Some people are brave enough to go to the movies the same evening.

Despite having read all the scary blog posts, comments, and yelp reviews, today I expect the procedure itself to be fast, painless, easy, and overall pretty straightforward. The initial recovery will also be fairly quick, with minor discomfort for only a couple of days and fully recovery in a couple of weeks. I don't expect to have any major side affects or complications afterwards, except for the bruising. Although some people report seeing halos at night, I see them now. So it does not sound like there will be much difference in my case. However, it would truly be a miracle, if the procedure corrected this inconvenience as well.

So yes, I feel ready. Actually, I am kind of even excited and can't wait to get it over with.
You can read more about my LASIK adventure on my official LASIK page.

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