January 26, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 6

I have not noticed much difference today. My eyes feel as comfortable as they felt last night. Nothing different in the morning - yup, pretty much had to pry them open with a friggin' crowbar. I still get super paranoid, if anything gets in my eye or if I touch them.   

You are no longer required to use the antibiotic and the anti-inflammatory eye drops after five days. I suppose that means that the worst is behind me. But it does not mean I am going to stop being super careful - the eyes are not fully recovered for two weeks after the procedure. I am working from the office today and have been using the artificial tears all throughout the day. Even though I try to take breaks from the screen, I am still feeling the eye strain and pressure in my head. Lunch was a pleasant get away again as well as that meeting in the afternoon. I think these are the times when you actually start recognizing the value of the digital eye strain prevention advice. It was probably a good idea to follow it even before I had the surgery. I think we all tend to overlook the effects this digital age has on our health, and not just eye health. 

Around 4 pm one of my eyes feels like it's been poked and it cannot recover. Sometimes I touch it with the tip of the drop bottle. Maybe last time I was too rough? I tied looking at it, and it seems to look fine, nothing unusual. Being in the office, I've had this feeling of things being un-sanitary all day. I am trying really hard to keep myself from scratching and rubbing my eyes. Went to the gym to lift weights, but still no sweating is allowed.

Interesting fact - my co-worker (and her brother) also had an eye surgery done just a few days before me. By the same doctor nonetheless. 

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More information about my LASIK adventure can be found on my official LASIK page

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