January 21, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 1

When I woke up, I could see at least as good as I did in my glasses. I went through exactly the same motions as if I had my glasses on. There was no pain or any discomfort.


Things do seem a little hazy, but it maybe simply because I am not as alert as I normally am at this time of the day. Usually it is because I did not exercise, otherwise maybe just due to oversleeping or hunger. I have a bunch of goop on my forehead from the tape that holds the protective shields in place. It is damn strong. It ripped out some hairs and definitely thinned up my eyebrows. As Chrystal promised, there is no bruising around my eyes or broken capillaries in my eyes. I am still beautiful. Yay! The picture below is from the morning after.

As the morning progressed, I felt that I could see better and better with every passing hour. I drove to the follow up appointment myself. There was no issues with me seeing, although bright sun glare on some car windows seemed to have halos. But I think at this point it might just be all in my head.

At the office Chrystal took pictures of my eyes again and checked my vision. 20/20, of course. Then the doctor looked at my eyes through the fancy microscope and confirmed that everything looks fantastic and my eyes are healing fabulously. I went home to return next week for another check up.

According to Chrystal, they never had a surgery go wrong. They also have very professional staff and amazing service. And the Yelp reviews are there to prove it. As soon as I am considered fully recovered, I'm gonna have to write a review for them as well. Unfortunately, they do not validate parking (for the record, it could end up costing you $14.40 in their building), which practically caused me to cancel my consultation appointment. Yes, I still have beef with parking in LA! Plus, in the Valley parking is free almost everywhere.


For the rest of the day I stayed home and continued to religiously put the eye drops in at 4-hour intervals. Although it was a warm, sunny, beautiful day in SFV (San Fernando Valley - yeah, I am a valley girl now), I didn't want to risk inadvertently getting infection into my eyes or anything like that. I am the kind of person that would rather over- then under-. So I did not exercise, and basically tried not to make any sudden moves all day.

I did not notice anything super unusual during the day. The left eye felt perfect. The right eye at times felt like there was something in it, like an eye lash or something. I tried my best not to touch it. Overall, my eyes did not feel any more uncomfortable or dry then they did when I wore contacts.

I was not allowed to take a shower on day 1. I cleaned my face with the cleansing towelettes, avoiding the area around my eyes. I kind of dab my face with a towel. No makeup, no creams or perfumes all day. Although I wrote the previous post the day after the surgery and caught up on Telenovela, I did not notice any eye strain or a headache. Although I did notice that if I stare at the same spot for awhile, it feels like something moves in my eye. I hope it is not the corneal flap moving around. I took the day off because I was afraid that I would have bruising in my eye area, but could have easily went to work, especially towards the end of the day.

I did not wear the shields all day. Just tried to be very careful not to get anything hear my eyes, like clothing or hair. I did taped them back onto my forehead before I went to bed as instructed.

You can read more about my LASIK adventure on my official LASIK page.

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