January 2, 2016

Fat Head

I watched a movie today that fascinated me so much that I want to tell  the whole world about it.
It is called "Fat Head" - a documentary by Tom Naugton.


The movie is a rebuttal of the famous "Super Size Me" documentary by Morgan Spurlock. Not only it is funny, it is also very educational. It puts hyper-scientific terms and concepts into plain language that anyone can understand. Since I do have high cholesterol, I was glued to the screen, when he was explaining how cholesterol works in your body. Even I found it to be eye-opening, and I tend to consider myself an expert on nutrition. One more proof that human body is a machine and all parts are design to work together and affect one another.

But don't listen to me --> it has 7.2 out of 10 rating on IMDb.  Or better yet, watch it for yourself.

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