January 29, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Days 8 & 9

Recovery Day 8 (Thursday, January 28, 2016)
Overall, today I did not notice much difference in the way my eyes feel or in the way I see. At my second follow up appointment Bing Bong took pictures of my eyes again and confirmed that I still see 20/20. Then, the doctor looked deep into my eyes and concluded that they were healing very well, so I will not need to come back for another check up for about a month. I still have to wear the eye shields and no make up for one more week. He recommended to use the artificial tears at least four times a day, but after a month I can scale back on them. Now I am using them more often then that. Mostly on purpose, not only when I notice dryness or discomfort.

I try looking at objects and read things with one eye at a time, and I do think that one eye is seeing sharper then the other. Maybe the surgery did not correct all of my astigmatism. I should ask the doctor about that next time.

Recovery Day 9 (Friday, January 29, 2016)
My eyes are still very dry and practically impossible to open in the morning. Otherwise, for most of the day they feel comfortable enough. Since I am inside for most of the day, I don't have to use the artificial tears much at all. Only when I go for my walks, the wind dries them out somewhat, but I promptly put the eye drops in as soon as I get back home.

I have been really good at keep things away from my face today. I have not noticed anything different in the way I see. But although there are no significantly noticeable changes from one day to the next, I actually think they are improving a little bit every day. They feel more comfortable with each passing day - the need to use the artificial tears is less and less.

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