January 27, 2016

LASIK: Recovery Day 7

The morning went the same as yesterday. My eyes were super dry again when I woke up. But as the day progressed, they started feeling more comfortable. Reading my dirty magazine while enjoying my morning coffee, I felt that the letters on the shiny pages were blurring up a little. I guess I still have trouble focusing on things up close. I should pay attention to that more and discuss with the doctor at my check up tomorrow. Not wearing makeup makes it super easy and fast to get ready for work. Makes me contemplate quitting it altogether. No one seems to care what I look like anyway.

I kept trying to scratch my eyes and rub them all day. Sometimes it feels like there is something in there, so I am trying to get it out. I have to consciously make myself stay away from the face every time. I think it may also work as breakout prevention measure.

I have been using artificial tears all throughout the day - at least every a couple of hours. My eyes feel fine. The digital strain is affecting me much less today, even though I am super concentrated on my audits. Worked out at the Fitness Center downstairs over lunch. I try to keep it as intense as possible without sweating like a hog. I am not about to wear an 80s headband, like Bing Bong suggested. But I have started increasing the intensity a little every day. I love love LOVE the burn, although it is good to take a break from it once in awhile to avoid a burn-out.

I keep trying to look at my eyes to see if I can tell where the incision was. I can't tell. Never could. There is no trace at all.

Overall, nothing unusual or notable happened today. At the end of the day my eyes felt comfortable and relaxed.

   *   *   *
More information about my LASIK adventure can be found on my official LASIK page

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