January 28, 2016

LASIK: Dealing with Side Effects

Since my surgery I have been experiencing things that I did not experience much before - the feeling of grittiness, soreness, discomfort, blurriness of vision, sensitivity to wind, etc.  According to the infographic below all of those conditions can be attributed to the increased dryness of the eye, which is a known side effect of the surgery.

I guess it is time to start following doctor's orders and using the artificial tears every time these symptoms manifest themselves. 

Infographic: Dry Eye Syndrome

Source: http://www.allaboutvision.com/dry-eye-infographic/

You can read more about my LASIK adventure on my official LASIK page.

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  1. Sometimes, Lasik doesn't just make everything perfect. Like with most things in our bodies, we must put in work to keep our eyes working right. Even if it's just putting in eye drops every once in awhile, eyes are just as much at risk as any other part of our bodies. Lasik is an amazing blessing, you just have to do a little work after.


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