January 30, 2013

Lucky January

1. Tone-on-tone dressing
2. Metallics (clothes, accessories and make up)
3. Graphic prints
4. Statement jewelry
5. Ultra bright colors (try a moto jacket in neon pink pg 49)
6. Classic manicure (aka red nail polish)
7. Eyeliner
8. Shiny hair
9. Mixing patterns: bold stripes and florals almost always complement each other.
10. Statement heels or flats
11.  Layered look (and they mean llaayyeerreeddd!)
12. Lucky suit - no matchy-matchy!
13. The snood is back!

Dang, you have to be super careful, when reading fashion/style magazines.  I call them "my dirty magazines" - must pick out the gem ideas from all the garbage and clutter.  But these DKNY shoes are literally in every magazine this month.

Source: Lucky magazine, January 2013

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