January 17, 2013

LA FAB: The Perfect Flats

Yay! Another fabulous find at the fabulous Fashion District (FD)!  Finally!

As you probably guessed, I am generally NOT a flats girl. However, I have been converting ever since I moved to LA, because I walk so much here.  Sadly, I have tried many many MANY different brands and styles of un-heeled dressy shoes over the years – none fitted me correctly in one way or another. But I was determined to find THE perfect pair.  I stumbled upon these in one of the tiny shops on Santee Street (not to be confused with Santee Alley). 

I wore these flats at the FD today all day. No, I do not go there too much.  These shoes do not fall off.  They do not rub you wrong in any places.  No socks – and not a single blister. Not a scratch.  Not a single damaged toe. And of course, I can make it in them through the whole day at work.  

Bonus: they come in so so SO many varieties with so so SO many beautiful embellishments – I thought I died and gone to heaven.  Well, truth be told - I feel like that every time I go to the FD. 

And the best part? The super fantastic price of only $5! So naturally, I couldn’t keep it all to myself.  But please, ladies, don’t buy them all – I need me at least one more pair – with the rhinestones.  Well, and a pair of red ones.  And a pair…  And…

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