June 20, 2012

I drive

The NVCS, which is the largest automotive study in North America, asked customers what sources of information they found most influential in their buying decisions. The top ten sources in the U.S. were as follows: 

1. Salesperson at the dealership (21.9 percent)
2. Family/ friend/ word of mouth (18.7 percent)
3. Consumer guides (18.4 percent)
4. Dealer’s/ manufacturer’s websites (8.6 percent)
5. Third-party websites (6.4 percent)
6. Automotive magazine reviews (6.1 percent)
7. TV advertisements (4.0 percent)
8. Dealer’s/ manufacturer’s brochures (3.2 percent)
9. Dealer/Manufacturer-sponsored event (2.4 percent)
10. Newspaper advertisements (1.7 percent).

Read more about Maritz Research’s New Vehicle Customer Study at www.therideblog.com .

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