June 23, 2012

Auto Brand Personalities

1.      Quiet and reserved – this brand prefers a casual, easygoing lifestyle that is responsible, realistic, and centered around home-life. It is not interested in taking risks, does not want to “stand out”, and prefers the tried and true.

2.      With a humble heart and deep convictions, this brand fights for worthy causes. It passionately stands up for principles, family, community, faith and country. Patriotic and rooted in traditional values, this brand strives to make the world a better place and inspires others to do the same.

3.      This elegant brand likes to look good, get dressed up and enjoy things that reflect a refined taste and fashion sense.  Close relationships, romance and deep personal connections are also highly valued. This brand surrounds itself with people and items that reflect who they are and make them feel special.

4.      Confident in its actions and unwavering in its vision for success, this brand is an independent leader. It does not follow the expected course, instead it believes the only way one can achieve greatness is to follow its own path. Social and spontaneous, a passion for living drives this brand to embrace new experience, take calculated risks and challenge itself to break new ground and accomplish what was once impossible. Charismatic and exciting, it is a luxury brand that is authentic, makes a dramatic statement and has a relentless desire to be the best.

5.      Guided by deep beliefs and traditional values, this brand is modest and reserved. Seeking spiritual contentment and looking after loved ones are high priorities.  It admires others who play by the rules, are respectful, nice and humble.

6.      Friendly, hardworking, practical and unpretentious, this brand takes great pleasure in spending time with friends and family. This brand is principles, honest, and committed to serving people at every point in their lives. Others respect this brand’s sense of fair play and integrity and see this brand often lending a hand or contributing to the community. When circumstances call, this is the brand that steps up to do the right thing.

7.      This thoughtful and imaginative brand lives life to the fullest through meaningful relations and new experiences. It tries to make a positive difference in the world and always has the courage to do the right thing. It believes life is about the journey and the discovery that comes with it, especially when it can be shared with others. Creative and open-minded, it appreciates beauty, harmony, and attention to detail. It is a modern luxury brand that invites you to come as you are.

8.      This fashionable brand loves to be the center of attention and get noticed. It is always working to be on-trend and never behind it. It admires those that are privileged and have it all. It doesn’t like to be alone – being surrounded by friends is preferred.

9.      This brand is a global citizen at heart. It leads with its brain, is understated, easygoing, and intelligent. It is interested in doing things of cultural significance, and in helping the environment.

10.  This brand leads by example with an understated confidence that comes from knowledge, discipline and rational thinking. Responsible, dutiful and serious, this brand sets high standards for itself and others. Only the best will do. It has an inner drive to seek out and conquer tough challenges.

11.  An acknowledged leader distinguished by courage and competitiveness, this brand is energetic and motivating, but also serious and authoritative. Thriving on challenges and innately knowing how to succeed, it appreciated the finer things in life – seeking the best that money can buy, and taking pride in having achieved the ability to do so.

12.  This brand is an adventure-seeking adrenaline-rush. It likes to bend the rules, live life like it’s a party, get a little crazy at times and do things others would be afraid to try. It is street-smart, rugged and rebellious.

Source:  Maritz Research
Does anyone know where this list came from?  Or which statement refers to what car brand?

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