June 13, 2012

Consumer Feedback

According to recent research, "consumers are more likely to tell companies about a bad experience than they are to tell them about a good one".

This is not necessarily true about all consumers.  I am exactly the opposite. 

The product or service has to wildly exceed my expectations for me to justify spending the time on writing a review for it or even answer a few multiple choice survey questions.  I am fully aware that my expectations are normally so high that it is practically impossible to even meet them. Thus, if the product falls short of satisfying my needs, I simply move on.  Our consumer-oriented economy has made returns fairly easy. 
However, a product or a company that goes out of its way to please me, excites me to the core.  I will always make the time to write reviews for products that captured my heart (which is another practically impossible task).   I will also write reviews for objects, services, and applications that I HAVE to use on regular basis – I have no other choice but to fight for improvement.  And that is the essence of the Perfection Pursuit.
Source:  Consumer Experience Matters.  Data Snapshot: How Consumers Give Feedback, 2012. http://experiencematters.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/data-snapshot-how-consumers-give-feedback-2012/

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