August 5, 2012


Have you ever wondered about this?

FITNESS FACE OFF: Cardio versus Strength Training & Weight Lifting:

I am pretty sure this “face off” is a million years old. So yes, I have also wondered – what is that that really works?  What is that magic trick that will allow me to remain hot forever?  The truth is there is no one thing that will work the same for everyone. 
I don't believe in diets.  I don't advocate any specific workout regiments. But there is something I have learned from experience - you need to find what works for you.  You have to know your body.  You need to take the time to really learn how different things affect it, which will help you design your own perfect balance. Also, you need to set your priorities straight.  You need to know your goals. Not very many of us get paid to look like a model. 

Bottom line: cardio will help you stay healthy – improve your heart rate, lower you cholesterol, breathe easier.  Weight training will help you shape your body.
On the other hand, I have read somewhere a long time ago that you are 10% genetics, 10% training, and 80% nutrition.  And that is the magic trick. The truth is you really are what you eat. Regardless of how much cardio or weight training you put in, you can nullify it with poor eating habits.  Yeah, yeah, yeah my mother is always right - eat less!
So I will tell you my secret – staying hot is hard work.  Literally manual labor (and the only manual labor that will ever be willing to do).  So to all the hataz out there – try running as much as I do and eating as conscious as I do, and you may even look as fantastic as I do.  Life is magic!

Cardio versus Strength Training & Weight Lifting Exercises at
Women's Health Magazine via @womenshealthmag

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