February 21, 2016

LASIK: One Month Update

It has been a whole month since my LASIK surgery. Just like the doctor promised - things gradually improved over time. I am also pretty much back to normal in my daily routine.

The week of February 8th was hot and dry. My eyes felt drier than the previous week. They looked redder, and I was having to put the drops in pretty often. However, overall they still felt much better than they would with contacts in. Whatever the feeling, you actually know that they are just dry and will be relieved after the artificial tears are in. Unlike with contacts, it is not an annoying feeling of something scratching in your eye to the point that you just get so impatient that you have to get the contacts out A.S.A.P.

Actually, I don't think I make any of my own tears anymore. I never really have. But now my eyes don't even well up when I watch a sad movie (Robbie's heartbreak in The Wedding Singer anyone?) or hurt myself super badly.

If I stay inside, my eyes feel very comfortable. I don't have to use the artificial tears every two hours anymore. I only use them when I come in from outside, or if I need to wash something out of my eye, like soap or mascara. Also, they do get much redder than I remember my eyes being, so I also use the artificial tears to help relieve the redness. I noticed that the comfort level mostly depends on the weather. Even though I am near ocean, the days above 80s are very dry. Also, on stressful days my eyes do get super strained and tired. It feels like there is a tiny ball of tension somewhere deep in my head.

When I put eye cream on or otherwise touch my eyes, there is still a strange sensation - almost like they tickle. It doesn't hurt or is uncomfortable in any way - just reminds you to be gentle. According to the instructions that I received from the doctor, I should be avoiding rubbing my eyes for three months.

I did have hard time driving in the ran. I don't know if it is the glare of the street lights reflecting in the puddles exacerbated by the dusk, but it was hard to see the lane markers. I have a Lane Departure Warning in my car, and it kept hissing at me my entire commute home. Also, I am pretty sure I am still seeing halos around the street lights, but I try not to concentrate on that too much when I am driving.

Otherwise, it took awhile not to habitually feel around for my glasses in the morning darkness. It is nice not to have to free up the space on the dresser to sit the glasses down. Cuts down on the timing of the morning routine, as I don't have to put the contacts in and reposition them 15 times before they are on comfortably enough. But the sweetest part is not having to worry about them popping out during the day. I do still squint, if I don't see something well enough.

Now I only use artificial tears a few times during the day. My eyes are definitely still very dry in the mornings right after I wake up, but as the day progresses they become more and more comfortable. And I feel the need to water them less and less. Usually the redness is the first sign of them being dry. If I notice that, I use the drops right away to soothe them.

In conclusion, I am still very happy with the results of my LASIK surgery and would definitely recommend this procedure, if you can afford it. I suppose I could spend the money on a trip to Paris and invest in experiencing life. But somehow the miracle of vision brings me so much delight and happiness right now, I think it was definitely worth the money. I should be able to get several years of 20/20 sight out it, before I am going to need reading glasses. Yup, according to the doctor, old age gets everyone. 

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You can follow my LASIK adventure from the very beginning on my official LASIK page. Please be sure to leave comments and ask any questions that you may have. 

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