October 13, 2013

Men's Health: January/February 2008

What we gonna right here is go back...way back...back in time...

I do believe that Woman's Health is the best health and fitness magazine for women out there, as I subscribe on and off.  Thus, it is only logical that the Men's Health must be the best health mag for men, right? So yes, I read Men's Health whenever (and wherever) I can get my hands on it.  This time I got my hands on the Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

  • About 2% of population is born with an abnormal aortic valve, and this condition is passed on within families (pg 22).
  • To prevent rust, apply a light coat of petroleum jelly to screws and lug nuts before tightening.  Removal will be easier, too.  (pg 30)
  • When pumping gas, set the trigger speed to slow, not fast.  Fewer vapors will translate into more gas in your tank.  (pg 30)
  • Make sure that your 3-day disaster preparedness stash contains food that you will actually want to eat. Also include 3 gallons of water per person (pg 32). 
  • 30% of colon cancer cases are not linked to genetics (pg 34). 
  • 33% of Americans feel that they are under extreme stress (pg 36)
  • Alcohol can temporarily handicap your hearing.  When alcohol content increased to 0.08, hearing threshold decreases by an average of 15 decibels - the equivalent of stuffing cotton in your ears. (pg 36). 
  • 53% of average person's worst memories are directly related to a romantic relationship (pg 37).
  • 64% of women admit to "sexually teasing" a man (pg 37).
  • Men are less likely than women to believe that past arguments predict future problems (pg 37).  Tease on, ladies, tease on.  ;)
  • Women who watch X-rated films have better sex (pg 37).
  • On page 38 we discover that "eating tomatoes may decrease your risk of colon cancer", "folate keeps your mind young", "black tea reduces the glycemic index of a meal", "amaranth is higher in fiber and protein than rice", and that 18% of all home cooked meals are prepared by men.  
  • "Coffee can keep your arteries from clogging.  While analyzing the cholesterol levels of 10 coffee drinkers, Swiss scientists found that LDL particles soak up java's antioxidants.  As a result, the LDL is 20% less likely to become an oxidized form of the bad cholesterol that develops into artery-clogging plaque" (pg 40).  I've always said coffee is the ultimate health food. 
  • The best combination for weight loss and building muscles = lifting weights + low-carb diet (pg 42).
  • The performance of NFL players decreased by 33% after returning from an ACL injury (pg 44).
  • The cost of running shoes does not always translate into their value (pg 44).  
  • 17% decrease in muscle power after 4 weeks of inactivity (pg 46).
  • Research shows that a hearty breakfast keeps you satisfied for a long time, leading to reduced calorie consumption through the rest of the day (pg 60). 
  • A to-do list for making more effective to-do lists: 1. Put it in writing; 2. Make it specific and measurable; 3. Put a date on it; 4. Phrase it positively; 5. Make it realistic; 6. Keep entries short and separate.  (pg 131)
  • 53% of men have checked their email standing at a urinal (pg 152). 
The best article in this issue was "Six Women You Need To Meet" (pg 102). 

There are a couple of crazy things they put in in there tho:
  • Apparently, making lists sets men apart from women.  Hello! Am I not making one right now?
  • You can definitely tell stuff about a woman by her bra.  Hmmm....maybe what she is planning to wear it under? 
  • Wear a cardigan. A cardigan on a men?  That's just plain wrong.  Plus, do you really want to channel a Kanye?
Source: Men's Health Magazine.  January/February 2008 www.menshealth.com

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