October 28, 2013

2013 Money Horoscope: Taurus

When people want to make safe and prudent financial policies, they come to you for advice. Your emphasis on preservation and certainty over risk pays off much in the same way that the proverbial tortoise beat the tail off that famous fable hare. The first half of the year will be a continuation of the fabulous feeling--sort of like discovering you have a doting, rich uncle--that’s been around since the prosperous planet Jupiter entered your house of earning and spending last June. 

Even with a handsome cash flow, don't let that feeling of abundance to tempt you into spending more than you should. More than ever, you must fatten your savings to protect you from the potential pain of leaner times. In 2013, things will slow down during February, July and December while the ruler of your financial life, Mercury, moves backward through the sky. But as long as you refrain from excessive indulgences, you can keep your balance sheet in the black.


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