January 9, 2012

My Tangerine Tango of 2012

One way to have fun with your wardrobe is no doubt to incorporate fun colors.  However, not all colors go together and not all colors complement all skins tones and body types. So it is important to use caution in designing a colorful outfit.   

To be honest, personally I love love LOVE bright colors, even though my heart will forever belong to the classic combination of black & white.  I associate bright neon colors with happiness.  And with summer, which – of course – is my favorite time of the year.  Additionally, I like to use colors to brighten up a gray day.  Incorporating bright colors into your outfit can change your wood or simply convey your happiness to the world.

However, the main reason I love color is that it can be powerful.  It can project a certain image of you to the world.  Not only can it focus attention on the right (or wrong) body parts, but also it can communicate aspects of your personality to the people you meet, creating an impression and perception.

The easiest way to do color is to use accessories. So start small – a pair of turquoise earrings, a neon pink belt, a bright red handbag. Incorporating seemingly minuscule pops of vibrant color allows you to created completely different outfits from items you wear every day – outfits that may look the same, but perceived completely differently.  Versatility and effectiveness of accessories are immeasurable.  One fabulous accessory can completely transform an outfit.

That said, one trend I am not brave enough to try is color blocking, especially color-blocked shoes. To me if the colors clash, they don’t go together and, thus, should not be worn together.  If they break up your body instead of elongating it and making the overall image visually pleasing, they should not be worn together. In my fashion book, colors should be purposefully coordinated, not blocked in a harsh discord. Thus, I am most confident with one major colorful piece in the outfit, such as a purple skirt or raspberry-hot pants.

One last piece of advice - don’t wear a color or a combination, if you don’t like it.  Even if you have seen it in a catalog or a fashion magazine advised to pair these particular shades.  If you do not feel confident enough about it, you will not be comfortable wearing it.  On second thought, do not wear any clothes that you don’t like or feel uncomfortable in.  It will just make you self-conscious and fidgety.

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