January 1, 2012

My Fashion Resolution 2012

To finally perfect the closet, of course.  Purge, de-clutter, minimize!

Only the most fabulous clothes and accessories belong in my perfect closet.  Only clothes that make me feel great about myself belong in my perfect closet.  Only clothes that make me feel confident, beautiful and amazing belong in my perfect closet.  Only clothes that reflect my personality and let me express who I am belong in my perfect closet. Only clothes that allow me to be who I am belong in my perfect closet.

Anything that I do not absolutely love, anything that does not make me happy, anything that is not genuinely me, anything that does not create the desired image, anything that does not project my personal brand, anything that is not good enough for the queen that I am has to be relinquished.  Don’t get me wrong – they are in fantastic shape and can still bring joy.  However, they are better off, more useful or even more necessary in someone else’s closet.  Could it be yours?

Fashion industry “experts” say that you should be able to design at least three different outfits using a particular piece of clothing.  Theoretically, it should go with minimum of three other things that you already own. However, I have to disagree.  I do not follow that principle.  According my fashion book, if there is one piece that will make an outfit perfect (be that a clothing item, accessory, or shoes), I have to have it.  At that point it becomes a necessity.  Outfit perfection is in the detail. 

That said, the second part of my resolution is to stop buying stuff that is not essential to my wardrobe or home.  In order to achieve the coveted closet perfection, my resolution prevents me from buying things that are not reflective of my suffocating personality and do not fit into my ultimate lifestyle.  

Let’s make the new year even happier than the last.   XOXO!

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