October 1, 2016

Invisalign: Let the Journey Begin

The main reason that I got my wisdom teeth extracted a couple of months ago is in preparation for Invisalign. I would hate for them to start causing problems when my smile is all perfect. ;) 

Why Invisalign? Sadly, the first thing I always notice about people I meet is their teeth. If a smile is the greatest social asset, perfect teeth are the epitome of beauty to me. All my life I have been self-conscious about the crookedness and ugliness of my own teeth. I have always felt that they take away from my appearance. They are definitely the reason why I am not a selfie person - I have to try about a million takes to capture a smile that is just right, a smile that shows just enough. Plus, I do not want to be one of those executive, of whom people whisper: "She makes enough money - could have had her teeth fixed." Here is my current smile. 
On a serious note, there are definitely many advantages to Invisalign, and not just over braces. From what I understand, Invisalign will solve all my problems:
  • the crowding problem
  • the hard to clean problem
  • the teeth grinding problem
  • the tongue biting during sleep problem
I am also hoping that as a side effect it will cure my gum chewing addition, which, in turn, will result in elimination of "lip and cheek biting" problem.

The best thing: According to my orthodontist, it should not adversely affect any of the dental work that I already have in my mouth (and I have more than you can dream up in your most horrifying dental nightmare), which was my biggest concern. However, I was given a list of 21 risks and inconveniences nonetheless. You can review a copy of an Invisalign Consent Form for a similar list. 

My office did not do a very good job at managing expectations (what else is new?). So I wanted to let you know what to expect at the beginning of the process.

  • It takes FOREVER to get your trays. I first expressed interest in it in May. I had the impressions of my teeth taken in July, but I did not get my very first set of aligners until the end of September.
  • You will get your training set of trays before you get "bonded aesthetic attachments" onto your teeth. It is my understanding these attachments are like levers that the dentist will use to move my teeth in the right direction.
  • You will have more appointments that you can count. The first appointment to get the impressions and pictures of your teeth is probably the longest. Also, the one when you get attachments put on is a very long one.
  • It costs more that an arm and a leg! But my office threw in a free teeth whitening and a free electric toothbrush.

Most importantly - getting Invisalign is the end of your life as you know it. So, you need to decide, if you are up for a challenge before making this decision. 

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