September 2, 2013

Working On My Fitness

Like the song goes, I workout.  A lot.  I love lifting weights.  I love to challenge my muscles.  I love to feel my body.  And yes, I love to see the results too.  Thus, I am always looking for new exercises to try.  Gotta keep the booty tight!

According to Women's Health these are the best ones:

1. ABS: Mountain climber with hands on swiss ball
2. GLUTES: Hip raises
3. QUADS: Offset dumbbell lunge
4. HAMSTRINGS: Single leg dumbbell straight leg deadlift
5. CALVES: Single leg donkey calf raise
6. CHEST: Single arm dumbbell bench press
7. SHOULDERS: Scaption and shrug
8. TRICEPS: Swiss ball lying triceps extensions
9. BICEPS: Split stance dumbbell curl
10. FOREARMS: Plate pinch curl
11. UPPER BACK: Swiss ball L raise
12. LATS: Band-assisted chinup
13. LOWER BACK: McGill curlup

But the truth is - the best really are the ones you are not doing.  So when I don't have time, when I don't feel like going through a full workout, when... (fill in with any of the million excuses there are for not working out), my philosophy is "even a little is better than nothing".  Just do it!

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