May 5, 2013

RANDOM TIP: “What You Wear Can Change Your Life”

“What You Wear Can Change Your Life” by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine

Yes, you guessed it – I visited by neighborhood library again.  The reason I checked this one out is that I completely agree with these ladies.  What you wear can most definitely change your life.  Our whole lives are built on perceptions.  Often first impressions shape the rest of your relations with a particular person.  Thus, as we all know, you always have to look fab, because you never know when and where you will meet Mr. Right (or Mr. WillDoForNow).

This time they are addressing not only what is right for your shape and size, but also such style essentials as beauty, accessories and the organization of your closet.  The ones below were the most notable points for me.

1. If you are having a crisis of confidence, an easy way to feel desirable is to invest in sexy and supportive bras and underwear (pg. 24). The less money you have to invest in your clothing, the most money you should invest in decent undergarments. Basically, the underwear creates the canvas for the clothes.  If it is unflattering, it is not going to matter what you put over it.  And do not forget - “only supermodels look good in bikini briefs”. The only types of underwear that stay are G-strings (gives VPL freedom) and low-waisted boy shorts (great for jeans) (pg. 100).

2. These two have some weird beef with color.  I try not to overthink colors – they all look good on me.  However, generally I gravitate towards warmer colors – all shades of red, pinks, yellows.  My current obsession is orange.  I definitely do not wear enough blues, and, of course, I hate green.

  • “People who understand color look more interesting, more in control, more confident, more self-assured, and more attractive”. 
  • “Black is an absence of color”. 

3. Accessories:  Fine boned are more suited for delicate accessories; big boned can pull off bold accessories.

4. Intelligent storage.  They have a lot of good tips. But that’s where the intelligence comes in – you have to organize in a way that makes sense to you and fits your life.

5. The only thing I got out of this book about make-up is “long-lasting lipstick is a crime”.  Whole-heartedly agree.

The book also has some great tips for looking your best in photos.  So please visit your local library.  :)

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