December 22, 2011

Perfecting The Closet

The path to closet perfection starts with organization.

Step 1: Take everything out.

You need to be able to clearly see all items.  Also, take off your rose-colored glasses. :)
Step 2: Inventory.

It is extremely important to knowing what you already have, because that will help you determine what your wardrobe is missing in order to achieve fabulosity.

Step 3: Declutter
Determinedly get rid of stuff. 
Stuff has to go if it…
§  Is not loved – wrong color, style that is no longer you, boring, etc.

§  Does not fit properly – too big, too small, unflattering, too short.

§  Has un-mendable holes or permanent stains.

§  Has not been worn in years.

Step 4: Efficient Storage
Keep your most frequently worn clothes within close reach.  Fold sweaters and other items that could stretch out; hang items that retain their shape; store out of season clothing in a deferent location, if possible.

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